Was Huey Long’s assassin Jewish?

According to Victor Wolzek’s Terror Timeline, Humanitas International, Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion, and Metapedia, Huey Long’s assassin Carl Austin Weiss was either a Jew or of Jewish descent (some dispute that he was the assassin, claiming Long was accidentally killed by his bodyguards; but looking at the cold, hard facts of the matter, I find that hard to believe).

I haven’t, however, found any mainstream source which confirms that Weiss was of Jewish descent. According to Wikipedia, Weiss attended Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which, if true, doesn’t resonate with the idea that he was Jewish. Anyone got a mainstream source that confirms Weiss was Jewish?

Furthermore, the timeline at Humanitas International suggests that Weiss may have been the agent of a secret society called the Black Hand. Anyone have any leads on this?

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  1. thelouisianaexplorer | Reply

    This is very interesting and brings up a good question. It’s unclear if this Weiss was jewish but it certain that Leon Weiss, native of Farmerville, La was. He designed the La Capital, many buildings at LSU, Charity Hospital in New Orleans and went to prison for the La Scandals in 1940. A book has just been released that is based on secret political papers that just surfaced. These papers were the personal property of Huey’s Law partner, Harvey G. Fields. Not only was he a law partner of Longs but he was the person that put the initial pieces of the Louisiana Scandal together that led to the Justice Department dispatching their assistant Attorney General to Lousiana to launch the prosecution of Leche. Fields was federal prosecutor at the time. Read about this interesting part of history at http://www.thomastfieldsjr.com . Names such as Long, Roosevelt, Farley and Leche are found throughout the book.

  2. I was looking for the same. His appearance in the photo at the Wikipedia is Jewish, the name is Jewish. The insistence that he was a Catholic is also… let us say strange.

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      I wrote this post a while ago. Reading over it again, I guess it was a little naive of me to read much into the fact that he attended a Catholic high school. There are plenty of “Christians” of partial jewish extraction who pursue jewish agendas; Mark Steyn, Henry Makow, and Nicolas Sarkozy, for instance. It’s the old marrano routine. Organized jewry relies on these sorts of “half-breeds” and incognito jews to carry out its dirty work without drawing too much attention to itself.

    2. What does a Jew look like? His photo at Wikipedia looks very much like several people that I know, and none of them are Jewish! Weiss is a German name, held by Germans long before Jews took or were given it or other German names. Most of the people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc, with that name are Christian and very German. In the US Weiss is a fairly common Jewish name in places like NYC, Chicago, LA (Hollywood). However, if one goes to the mid west, Pennsylvania, Texas and other places Weiss is a common German Christian name, as is true of Louisiana German-Americans! Americans are very ignorant about family names!

  3. I just used google on his name and the name of the cemetery in which he was buried. It says he was Roman Catholic. https://www.google.com/search?q=Roselawn+Cemetery&oq=Roselawn+Cemetery&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.757j0j1&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8#q=Roselawn+Cemetery+louisiana+religion

  4. phyllis majoria | Reply

    Take one good look at Weiss and he is confirmed as Jewish. They have definite physical characteristics which reveal their Jewishness. And there are German Jews and Italian Jews and even Chinese Jews! Where do you think they supposedly come from, Israel? A nation only founded i n 1948? The more inbred the blood line, the more they can be spotted. It doesn’t matter what religion they say they are. The Marranos were all liars in order to save themselves from death by the Spanish government, when they conveniently converted to Catholicism!

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