Commenting Rules and Guidelines

  • Comments which are abusive, disruptive, repetitious, contain false or misleading statements or are totally off-topic may be deleted.

  • Comments containing statements which may be illegal, such as libel or threats of violence against specific individuals, will be deleted.

  • Posting long articles in the comments section is discouraged. If you wish to bring the attention of readers to a relevant article, post a link to it, along with the title and a brief excerpt.

  • Gratuitous swearing is discouraged.

  • Comments containing gratuitous racial or ethnic slurs may be deleted. Note the word gratuitous; I will not delete comments if use of a slur is appropriate in the given context. Also, when I talk about racial slurs, I don’t just mean the usual suspects such as “nigger,” “kike,” or “wetback”; I also consider words like “honkey,” “goy,” and “gringo” to be slurs.

  • Slurs aimed at sexual minorities are OK, as the notion that sexual deviants are due respect for their perversions is laughable. If queers don’t like being called names, they should go back in the closet where they belong.

  • If you’re just passing through and want to say Hi, or have something general to say about the blog, leave your comment in the guestbook, not under regular entries.

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