Monthly Archives: September, 2010

Why I no longer support white nationalism

Through a campaign which has been in full swing for about 50 years and which has noticeably accelerated over the last 20, the jewish mass media has successfully managed to persuade the bulk of the younger generations of white people that:

  • it’s OK to have sex with anyone they please, whether the person be white, black, brown, red, yellow, male, or female.
  • their ancestors were assholes who should be repudiated and whose values should be scoffed at.

    What this basically means is that the jews have won. When the masses of our young people feel this way, that means it’s “game over” for us. Those who refuse to see that are no better than members of the “Werwolf” units who, after the Second World War, refused to accept the Reich’s defeat and continued to resist Allied occupation.

    Anyone who at this late date thinks he’s going to take his country back through the ballot box or through some Nazi-like paramilitary movement has got his head in the clouds. The only thing that makes sense to talk about at this point is a semi-underground survival movement for the minority of whites who reject the multiracial New World Order and care to remain white.

  • Should we be concerned about overpopulation?

    I’m somewhere in-between the hardcore Malthusian misanthropists, who’d like to see 90+ per cent of the world’s population be exterminated, and the humanists who dismiss concerns over overpopulation as alarmist. I feel strongly that everyone should be living on a diet that is organically or biodynamically grown, raised, or produced on small family farms, or is hunted or fished in the wild. The problem is, the world’s population can’t be fed in this manner at the size it is right now.

    We currently have a system that seeks to maximize yields at the expense of quality, and that system is going to continue to exist as long as there are so many hungry mouths to feed.

    When Alex Jones and his ilk claim the New World Order elites have an agenda to exterminate the bulk of the world’s population, they are precisely inverting the truth; all one has to do is look at population statistics for a continent like Africa to see that the numbers there over the last hundred years have been steadily rising, not dropping. The New World Order wants more hungry mouths to feed, not less, since more mouths represent greater profits.

    The only slice of the world’s population which is slated for extermination is the white race, as is made abundantly clear by our declining birth rates, the immigration policies our elites have imposed on us, the campaign to promote race-mixing, casual sex, homosexuality, and feminism, and the introduction of feminizing substances into our food supply, such as soy in baby formula.