Q. How often do you update this blog?

A. There’s no fixed schedule. Sometimes I update it once or twice a week, but if I’m busy doing other things, or want to take a break from the computer, it might not be updated for a few months.

Q. I posted a comment to your blog a while ago but it hasn’t appeared. Was I censored?

A. I don’t delete comments unless they violate the rules and this blog isn’t moderated. If your comment didn’t show up immediately, the most likely reason is that it was automatically flagged as spam by the WordPress software. If this has happened, I’m sorry, but your comment is as good as lost; this blog gets over 150 spam comments a week and finding one valid comment out of hundreds of junk messages is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If your comment isn’t showing up, make sure that it doesn’t contain more than one hyperlink, since comments that contain a lot of links are more likely to get flagged.

Q. Why do you post entire articles here instead of just linking to them?

A. First of all, because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to follow a link only to find that the page has been moved or deleted or the website has shut down. This way, if the page or the website ever goes missing, there’s a permanent copy on this blog. A secondary reason is because some links may be off-limits to readers in certain countries. For example, a website dealing with holocaust revisionism might not be accessible to someone living in Germany or France. By posting the article here, a reader who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it may be able to, as blogs such as this one are probably too small to have made a blip on the censors’ radar screens.

Q. Is it OK for me to post a copy of an article that appeared on this blog somewhere else, like say on usenet or a message board?

A. Yes, you may, but please include a link to the original article and do not remove the name of the author.

Q. Do you agree with all of the content at the sites you link to?

A. No, I do not. As a matter of fact, I strongly disagree with some of the material posted at some of the sites I link to. Sometimes I agree with some of the material but not with all of it, and sometimes I’ll just link to a site because I find it interesting or thought-provoking, irrespective of whether I approve of it or not. I can read stuff without having a fit if the author doesn’t agree with me on everything (and few do), and I assume that my readers are mature and intelligent enough to do the same.

Q. Is there a way to contact you privately?

A. Sorry, no. I did have an email address listed here for a while, but since the only mail I got was from people subscribing me to their newsletters without asking, I decided to take it down. The best way to get in touch is by leaving a comment in the guestbook.

(Last updated September 8, 2011.)

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