Give me convenience or give me death

No cash in Sweden

Leave it to Sweden, the country that makes boys wear skirts to school, to be the first to outlaw cash.

Swedes can kiss autonomy from the grid and the privacy afforded by anonymous cash transactions goodbye.

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  1. Igor Alexander | Reply

    Two things jump out at me about this story:

    1. Proponents of this move to a “cashless society” argue that it will reduce robberies (which, obviously, it will, since it’s impossible to rob someone of something he doesn’t have; the flipside is that it will also greatly increase the rate of electronic crime). A former member of ABBA claims his son was robbed 3 times. Why does Sweden have such a ridiculously high rate of robberies, anyways? It’s a country with a high standard of living and socialism up the wazoo; according to the theories preached by leftist sociology professors from their university pulpits, Sweden should be a society virtually without crime.

      The article states that the Swedish government has only been keeping track of bank robberies for 30 years. What happened 30 years ago that made the rate of bank robberies jump high enough for the government to start taking notice? A wave of non-white immigration, perhaps?

    2. Why is this “story” even in the news? Sweden hasn’t actually formally interdicted the use of cash; it’s just that the use of paper currency in that country is in steep decline, to the delight of banks, which earn profits off electronic transactions that they don’t when people pay in cash. This “story” smells like a trial balloon to see how the populace would react to the elimination of paper currency.
  2. Good thing Igor Alexander is not Swedish! He does not live in a cashless society, so his transactions with male prostitutes are off the record.

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