Why I no longer support white nationalism

Through a campaign which has been in full swing for about 50 years and which has noticeably accelerated over the last 20, the jewish mass media has successfully managed to persuade the bulk of the younger generations of white people that:

  • it’s OK to have sex with anyone they please, whether the person be white, black, brown, red, yellow, male, or female.
  • their ancestors were assholes who should be repudiated and whose values should be scoffed at.

    What this basically means is that the jews have won. When the masses of our young people feel this way, that means it’s “game over” for us. Those who refuse to see that are no better than members of the “Werwolf” units who, after the Second World War, refused to accept the Reich’s defeat and continued to resist Allied occupation.

    Anyone who at this late date thinks he’s going to take his country back through the ballot box or through some Nazi-like paramilitary movement has got his head in the clouds. The only thing that makes sense to talk about at this point is a semi-underground survival movement for the minority of whites who reject the multiracial New World Order and care to remain white.

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    1. You guys are sick demented fucks. Do you actually believe this shit you write?

      1. I can’t answer for “we” since I have no idea who is this “you guys” you’re referring to, but speaking strictly for myself, yes, I do believe what I write, at least when it isn’t satire (the post above is not satire).

      2. “sick demented fucks”

        That’s a bit excessive, don’t you think? The author never called to the assault or murder of anyone, and his ideas are too uncommon in general society to pose any kind of discriminatory threat to your person.

    2. In response to your “Why I no longer support White Nationalism” I would like to add how so many of the WN’s are so anti-Christian that no forms of it will be tolerated.

    3. I find myself in complete agreement with this article.

      The Jews have won, and at this point the last chance of survival and thriving for the last intelligent Whites remaining on Earth is to organize themselves as an underground community (creating a new country from scratch is impossible nowadays).

      Anybody who opposes that is an idealist or a retard.

    4. “Through a campaign which has been in full swing for about 50 years …”
      The campaign was probably at least in the planning stages long before that, as early as 1935 when “The Institute for Social Research” (The Frankfurt School) moved from Germany to the USA to get away from Hitler thus bringing Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse and others to Columbia University. That was the start of the “long march down the corridors of the cultural institutions” ( I may not have that quote exactly right) and through our political system and school system. The latter achievement of gaining control over the schools was the crown jewel in their series of successes. Jewish rise to power started with buying up newspapers during the late 1800’s and during the last century and then as soon as the motion picture technology arrived they bought their way into that as well. Taking over the media was key to their success and if nothing else, I have to credit them with a foresight (of an evil nature) that has always seemed uncanny to me. They appear to think and plan in terms of centuries whereas our people (Whites) appear always to have thought and lived for the moment – especially if life was currently relatively good and peaceful. We have never completely understood this “enemy within” Western Civilization.
      The Jews have successfully wrecked civilizations prior to ours (Rome and Greece come to mind), and always they did their level best to expunge the evidence of their involvement from historical records. They appear to have seen the need to control the nature and flow of information from very early times. Now they are doing their best to do the same with the internet- that is the next step.

      “What this basically means is that the jews have won. When the masses of our young people feel this way, that means it’s “game over” for us. ”
      – No doubt about it, they have indeed won. And in addition to the other damage done to our younger people, they have (using the school system and the media) instilled a feeling of shame and worthlessness in them. The same thing is going on in European countries as well.
      Your thought about the “semi-underground survival movement ” is an interesting one, but I surely can’t see how it could be implemented. This would require funding and those Whites who have money and are comfortable are not willing to “rock the boat” by giving to a cause such as you describe. Any above-board group that refers to itself as “pro-White” is seeded with paid alphabet soup informants or is a honey trap – for instance this site:
      Any community such as you speak of would have to have control over the education of its children (of paramount importance) , be walled off from influence by the government and other corrosive influences as well as provide for protection of its people in some way as once the minority groups are large enough and weapons are banned outright as they are sure to be, then our people will be in the same position as the Kurds are in the Middle East. What I am saying is that while I agree with your assessment of the situation, I do not see how such a community could be made a reality.
      I apologize for the very long post, but I am always happy to see some like-minded Whites out there in the computer land, it is heartening and just wanted to add my (admittedly lengthy) 2 cents.

    5. Somehow I did not see that this blog entry is 5 years old!

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