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Was Huey Long’s assassin Jewish?

According to Victor Wolzek’s Terror Timeline, Humanitas International, Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion, and Metapedia, Huey Long’s assassin Carl Austin Weiss was either a Jew or of Jewish descent (some dispute that he was the assassin, claiming Long was accidentally killed by his bodyguards; but looking at the cold, hard facts of the matter, I find that hard to believe).

I haven’t, however, found any mainstream source which confirms that Weiss was of Jewish descent. According to Wikipedia, Weiss attended Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which, if true, doesn’t resonate with the idea that he was Jewish. Anyone got a mainstream source that confirms Weiss was Jewish?

Furthermore, the timeline at Humanitas International suggests that Weiss may have been the agent of a secret society called the Black Hand. Anyone have any leads on this?