Racial Hatred Runs African American Family out of Dream Home

by Corina Knoll
Los Angeles Times
June 4, 2009

The house, a three-bedroom cream-colored residence on a peaceful street, even had yellow and red roses waving merrily from the front lawn. And while the backyard was cramped, there was a nectarine tree, a red swing set and a small gazebo.

This is it, Channise Davy thought. Home.

Happy to have found a place near her salon in Altadena and close to her fiance in Pasadena, the 31-year-old hairdresser moved her four children from North Hollywood into the one-story charmer on Broach Avenue in Duarte last fall.

Davy never thought about the fact that they would be the only black family on the mostly Latino block—until someone reminded her in a way that still makes her eyes tear and her stomach twist.

On May 8, Davy opened the door to her home and was greeted by a barrage of spray-painted racial epithets. The hardwood floors, the mirrors, the televisions, the dressers—the vandals had turned the entire place into a canvas for that six-letter word used for decades to scare and scar African Americans.

Shaken, she immediately left and called police. And aside from one trip back to pick up some clothes, Davy has refused to return to a scene authorities believe was created by members of a local Latino gang.

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[Now, be honest: when you read that headline, you thought the story would be about blacks being persecuted by racist whites, didn’t you? That’s how conditioned we’ve become to think of whites and only whites as racist. The truth is, whites are probably the least “racist” race on the planet. In fact, if whites don’t become a little more “racist” and start standing up for their group interests, they are going to be displaced by races that have no such compunctions, as is already taking place in California. –IA]

(Also see South Africa: Blacks far more racist and xenophobic than whites)

4 responses

  1. 14!

    There’s ONE ‘N’ word I NEVER want to call a black person: NEIGHBOR!
    There’s nothing that will destroy a clean, safe, drug-free white neighborhood faster than the introduction of a negroid family.
    If they’re all so proud of their so-called Afro-can heritage then let them get the fuck back to Africa! I’ll kick in a few hundred $$.


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  3. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software.

  4. All races can be racist. But I think when blacks are racist against whites if is because in the past whites not all of them treat blacks badly. They did not think we were human with feelings. Slavery and segregation were just two of the things how whites hurt blacks. Mocking our natural hair our racial features. Even now, I have seen on the internet black overweight females mercilessly mocked and called names like sheboon. I am mixed race ( white mother black father) myself and my siblings were totally rejected by our white relatives. They saw us as shaming them and as bad. My white grandmother actually threw myself and my siblings photos in the bin when my mother gave them to her, yet she had all the white relatives photos on display or in a photo album. When my older sister was a child she was in my grandmothers house looking out of her window and my grandmother told her to get a way from the window and said it’s bad enough I have to have a nigger in my house let alone look out of my window so all my neighbours can see. The appalling treatment myself and my siblings received from some of our white relatives left us well me because I can only speak for myself feeling not good enough because I was not white. But in saying that I know what you mean because I live in a neighbourhood with a large Pakinstani community and some of them
    are totally racist against not only blacks but also whites.

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