South Africa: Blacks far more racist and xenophobic than whites

[In just the last eight months, we saw brutal riots in Kenya, supposedly one of the more stable and Westernized of the black African nations, culminating in the mass murder and incineration of 50 people who had sought refuge in a church; we saw Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), which under white rule was so prosperous it was known as the “breadbasket of Africa,” hit rock bottom; and now this. How much longer are leftists and liberals going to continue pretending that blacks and whites are inherently the same and that when blacks revert to the savagery of their pre-colonization days, it’s the fault of ‘white racism’? -IA]

10,000 flee South Africa as army is called on to streets to end anti-foreigner violence
by Daily Mail Reporter

More than 10,000 Mozambicans have fled home from South Africa to escape anti-foreigner violence that has killed at least 42 people and left more than 30,000 homeless.

Their escape comes as President Thabo Mbeki ordered the armed forces to quell the unrest for the first time in the country since the end of Apartheid.

Air force helicopters were deployed to back up police in Johannesburg’s Alexandra township over fears the crisis could massively destabilise Africa’s largest economy.

Armed mobs, who have forcefully driven thousands of immigrants from their homes before looting and torching their shacks, accuse them of stealing jobs and fuelling crime.

The violence, which has since spread from Johannesburg to Durban, has also seen the return of necklacing – the brutal practice of filling a tyre with petrol and throwing it over the victim’s neck. [More on necklacing here, here, and here. -IA]

The deadly method has not been seen since the Apartheid era when black South Africans used it on “collaborators” with the white minority rulers.

Photo of a necklacing victim

Fears of attacks have led to thousands of immigrants, mainly from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, fleeing the country.

Mozambique’s Deputy Immigration Director Leonardo Boby today said: “10,047 returned home in buses provided by the government.”

The number is likely to increase in the next days as long as violence unfolds in South Africa.

The deputy leader of the ruling African National Congress, which ousted Mbeki as party leader in December, criticised the police delay in responding to the violence which erupted in Alexandra township on May 11 and spread rapidly.

“The delay encouraged people in similar environments to wage similar attacks against people who came from our sister countries on the continent,” Kgalema Motlanthe said.

“We are confronted by one of the ugliest incidents in the post-apartheid era.”

Mr Motlanthe also said the violence was an assault on the values of South Africa’s democratic society.

He is a close ally of ANC leader Jacob Zuma, who defeated Mbeki for the party leadership.

The attacks on African migrants have increased political instability at a time of power shortages and disaffection over Mbeki’s pro-business policies.

[Imagine if white Americans in the Southwestern United States were to respond this way to the flood of illegal Mexicans, if European-Canadians were to respond this way to the Asians who are colonizing Canada’s West Coast, or if Parisians were to respond this way to the Muslims who have taken over the suburbs of their city. On second thought, maybe this is how whites should respond, since apparently, politicians aren’t going to do anything to stop the invasion. -IA]

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  1. Bruno Kuschel | Reply

    What is the point to compare “black” racism and “white” racism? On what basis can the author figures out that “blacks (are) far more racist and xenophobic than white”?

    Racism has a very long history in South Africa in particular and Africa in general and a generalization based on the recent attacks in Kenya and South Africa, that by the way were bad and inhuman, has to be view in a broader political and economic context. In South Africa the Government failed to respond to the refugee crisis and in Kenya ethnic differences are been (mis-) used to secure political and economic gains.

  2. The point is to disprove the BS notion that only whitey can be racist. The fact is, whites are (unfortunately) one of the least ethnocentric races in the world which is why it is only white countries being flooded with racial aliens these days.

  3. Igor Alexander | Reply

    CS: On top of your observations, I would add that apart from some Asian countries and a few countries that receive a lot of money and support from the West, the only countries that are prosperous and well-managed enough to attract foreign hordes are the white ones. Liberals and leftists want everyone to believe that the races are inherently equal, and yet their only explanation for why the Third World, with the exception of former Soviet countries, is almost exclusively non-white is ‘white racism,’ or codewords for white racism such as Western or American ‘imperialism.’

    People who blame their own race for the shortcomings or failures of other races shouldn’t be allowed to hold positions of power or influence in their society.

  4. I agree that white countries and some Asian ones are the most prosperous (mainly because of who lives in them). However, Mexico and South Africa for example are relative hellholes yet they still attract immigration from their bigger hellhole neighbors. Of course the Mexicans have a draconian legal and illegal immigration system (Mexico has illegals coming in from the south) all the while lecturing America’s joke of a system as being too heartless and rigid.

  5. Spot on. One has to gasp at the hypocrisy of the Mexicans, who accuse Americans who want to stop illegal immigration of being evil white supremacists, while at the same time taking Draconian measures against the illegal immigrants coming in through their own Southern border. It’s that old double-standard again; non-whites can protect their borders, but if we try to defend ours, we’re “racists.”

    A time will come when when a white person is accused of being a racist, he’ll just shrug his shoulders and take it as a compliment. 🙂

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