Rube Goldberg’s political cartoons

Jewish cartoonist Rube Goldberg is mainly remembered for his depictions of absurdly complicated machines for accomplishing simple tasks. In fact, his name (in America, at least) has become synonymous with such machines (although as is so often the case, jews are given credit for things that were invented earlier by gentiles — in this case, British cartoonist and illustrator W. Heath Robinson had published similar drawings several years before Goldberg).

While reading an online biography of Goldberg, I came across the interesting claim that Goldberg had asked his sons to change their last names to something less jewish after he had received hate mail for the political cartoons he created during the Second World War. What I found intriguing is that in no article that I looked at online was any information given about the nature of these cartoons that elicited such strong reactions. Is that information being held back because it might be either damaging to the jewish community in general or personally embarrassing to Goldberg’s family or estate? Perhaps Goldberg was a vicious, loxist war propagandist? Perhaps he drew cartoons praising communist mass-murderer Stalin, while calling for the forced sterilization of Germans, like his fellow jew Theodore N. Kaufman did in the booklet Germany Must Perish?

A Clusty search for Rube Goldberg’s political cartoons didn’t yield much, but I did find the following:


What’s interesting is that the German-American illustrator/cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, has in recent years been roundly condemned as a racist for producing wartime anti-Japanese cartoons that were in no way worse than the one by Goldberg above. Perhaps if more were known about Goldberg as a political cartoonist and war propagandist, he might be regarded as a racist too?

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  1. Very few Americans know that Goldberg is a “Jewish” name. Generally, the only ones that would know are Americans that read works by self-identified Jewish authors. As a result of their exposure, these readers are very sympathetic to the Jewish people. That’s why we have book clubs.

    1. Very few people know Goldberg as a Jewish name??

      What rock have you been living under?

      “As a result of their exposure, these readers are very sympathetic to the Jewish people.”

      People were sympathetic towards the Jewish people found in the concentration camps at the end of WWII. And not long after, it’s been all downhill.

      With their treatment of the people that occupied what is now Israel they have taken the Nazi shoes and put them on their own feet.

    2. What? Golderberg…..geeezzz I never would have guessed it’s a Jewish name!! My goodness…what rock have you been living under??

  2. Dear Mr. Alexander:

    Thank you for the interesting article – hopefully people out there will locate some of Goldberg’s other political-oriented cartoons, so that we can determine the answer to your posited question …

    @ Jim –
    Unfortunately, I’d have to agree with you about Israeli’s behaving like Nazi’s supposedly behaved. (I say “supposedly” because the more carefully one examines the claims of proponents of “The Holocaust”, the more one comes to realize that they’re to some degree fabricated & exaggerated…) Of course, this makes one wonder how mean & vicious Nazi’s actually were?

    Anyway, Viva Palestine!

    Best regards,
    Sam Bolivar
    (Another heterosexual white male goy (^^) )

  3. From mindfloss blog: Goldberg had two sons, Thomas and George, with his wife Irma. Both boys changed their surname to “George,” though two stories exist to explain the change. The more common tale is that Goldberg received so much hate mail for his political cartoons during World War II that he wanted his sons disassociated from the Goldberg name as protection for them. However, George W. George himself explains that the boys’ surname was changed merely to differentiate themselves from their father. “We had no identity of our own,” George has said, and they were always just being introduced as sons of the famous cartoonist. Their father apparently said, “If you’re going to have careers of your own, you might as well have a different name.”

  4. This seems more likely, since his cartoons were popular. I haven’t found anything that would have inspired hate mail–
    cartoons like the one posted above would probably have been sympathetically received by Americans during wartime. Especially when so many battles had been lost, or taken heavy tolls on Americans.

  5. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  6. Just more anti-Semites spewing hate and lies. Israel is the only moral democracy in the Middle East. May all savage terrorist Muslims kill each other and leave good people in peace.

  7. And oh yes, you are all envious of the genius and accomplishments of Jews and Israelis despite all you put them through, they always shined and served humanity.

  8. Yeah you’re right, I’m sure Nazi’s were great guys actually. I heard they would host camp sing alongs, BBQ’s and have a wonderful beach volleyball competition. You are a fucking idiot!

  9. Bing Bong Ding Dong | Reply

    Hi since your nasty blog is the first result for a google search of “rube Goldberg political cartoons” I just thought I’d say what a nasty small little person I think you are. I’m not Jewish and I think what Israel does to the Palestinians is disgusting before you may try and take that route in defense. You’re trash

  10. I think you can see from these comments why a popular political cartoonist might want his kids to have a different name. Goldberg had opinions, and some angry people disagreed with them.

    It doesn’t matter what you write or why, if you’re famous for your opinions then haters will find and hate on you.

  11. Your entire piece is based on an assumption, and you know when you assume, it makes an ass out if me and, well in this case just you.

    I found at least a dozen of his political cartoons quite easily on the very first page of a bing image search. If anything they tended towards patriotic conservatism in their points, the ones involving the USSR were definitely not pro communist as you assume.

    You either picked just one you thought could make your point (a very flimsy one to base your point on, almost as flimsy as your point), or you did a very lazy cursory search.

    You appear to be someone who wants so badly for something to be true, that your entire viewpoint on that something is going to twist that something into being true for you, regardless of little petty things like facts, and reality.

  12. I’ve seen them. They’re anti communist. Also that cartoon praising Major General Wainwright isn’t even the most racist caricature he drew and it’s tame compared to some Bugs Bunny cartoons from the time period. I believe it was the anti communist stuff which got him in trouble. Also he really was not on the left. He wasn’t even pro socialism. But nice antisemitic ploy.

    Oh and the original Rube Goldberg machine was a political cartoon criticizing the American Government for being convoluted and too large. Bet you didn’t even know that.

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