How to reduce the population

  1. Make birth control, especially “the pill,” widely available.
  2. Legalize abortion-on-demand.
  3. Frighten teenagers away from having children after high school through mandatory “sex education” classes.
  4. Promote feminism so that women put careers or hedonistic pursuits over having children, or develop such negative attitudes or unrealistic expectations towards men that they are incapable of making the compromises necessary to be in a long-term relationship with a man.
  5. In the mass media, continually depict sex as a recreational, rather than procreational, activity.
  6. Promote homosexuality and other sexually aberrant behaviors that won’t result in pregnancy (such as anal sex between heterosexuals).
  7. Degrade the institution of marriage by allowing easy divorces and same-sex marriage, and by making divorce proceedings so grossly unfair towards men that few will want to marry.
  8. Legalize hardcore pornography; flood society with porn so that men end up preferring masturbation over actually finding a mate to have children with. Make sure that the majority of hardcore porn emphasizes anal sex over normal heterosexual intercourse which could lead to pregnancy.
  9. Feed male babies soy formula and other oestrogenic substances so that their reproductive systems don’t develop normally, making them unable to reproduce.
  10. To reduce fertility, encourage a nutritionally-poor diet in which white flour, refined sugar, and processed vegetable oils account for most of the calories.
  11. To reduce fertility, encourage a vegetarian diet, especially one in which unfermented soy products are the principal source of protein.
  12. To reduce fertility, encourage people, especially teens and young adults, to take illicit drugs, as well as smoke and regularly abuse alcohol.

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  1. That’s funny stuff, Igor.

    Just wondering…whereabouts in North America do you live?

    1. I don’t discuss personal details online, especially with anonymous posters who don’t leave valid email addresses.

      1. Where you live is not a personal detail, unless you’re giving a specific address.

        Say something vague. “Texas”. “The Midwest”. I’m just curious of where such retarded ideas breed.

      2. Let me guess… you must be from New England.

        Have you taken your kids to any nice fag pride events lately?

      3. Oops… A trace of your IP address indicates that you’re probably in or around Carson City, Nevada.

        Well, if someone talks like an effeminate New Englander, I can’t be blamed for thinking that he might be one, can I?

        BTW, I’m not in the habit of sharing the geographic locations of the folks who post comments on this blog, but since you don’t regard that information as personal, I made an exception in your case. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. 14_NSBM_Warrior_88 | Reply

    As jarring to the eyes as this may seem, I have a message for mothers out there reading this.

    Do as nature intended, and feed your baby sprouts directly from the tap. Be the mother you were born to be; there’s absolutely nothing shameful about it at all.

  3. They’ve even gone one better on the refined sugar with this High Fructose Corn Syrup. HFCS is the weaponized sweetener, guaranteed to pack on the fat!

    Then there are the artificial sweeteners, msg in almost everything, crap in the water, vaccines, environmental contamination, cell phones and electronic smog etc.

    1. Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame were demonstrated to cause brain tumors in monkeys, but the FDA went and approved it anyways. I have an aunt who “mysteriously” developed a brain tumor and lost the hearing in one ear. She also drinks a lot of of diet cola, full of Aspartame. Another aunt who drinks a lot of diet cola “mysteriously” came down with a case of facial paralysis recently. Hmm…

      Of course, both aunts dismiss my warnings when I tell them to stop drinking the stuff. “How can it be unsafe if it’s allowed to be sold?” goes their reasoning. Sigh. You can lead a horse to water…

      MSG is something you can spend a lifetime being unaware of, but once you “feel” your first MSG headache, you never forget it. The first time for me was when I bought a roast chicken from a grocery store after reading an article on MSG. Before eating the chicken, my head felt fine; afterwards, the front of my brain felt numb. I called the grocery store and sure enough, they had doused the bird in MSG before cooking it. I’m sure I had felt that many times in my life, without being conscious of the cause. A lot of us in the post-WWII generations have grown up on canned and packaged foods instead of real cooking and have accepted such headaches as normal. They’re not. I think it was the Japanese during WWII who started this practice.

  4. Alas– these things don’t seem to be working (particularly among the Non-White population). What’s going wrong? (Besides, the more unemployment we have, the less people we need to work the jobs that exist….)

    1. What’s going wrong is that, among other things, every white worker is being forced to support 2 or 3 non-whites with his tax dollars, both through domestic welfare programs and through foreign aid. Having one’s wages garnished in order to feed and multiply hostile racial groups is the very definition of slavery.

      Case in point: where is all the money coming from that Western governments are, as I write this, sending to Haiti for “relief”? From white taxpayers, of course. What has Haiti ever done for us? I mean, apart from supplying sugar cane to rot our teeth and make a few individuals in the sugar industry obscenely rich?

      It’s parasitism, pure and simple. The parasites get fat and multiply while the host withers up and dies. And “the left,” rather than defending the interests of working whites, sides with the parasites!

      Let’s not get into how American taxpayers are being forced to pay for the bombs the jews are dropping on Palestinian heads.

  5. 1. Hardcore pornography isn’t illegal, what are you talking about?
    2. Most of these would be filed under Good Ideas.

    Btw, get a better spamfilter. I have my email as “” and it works.

    1. “1. Hardcore pornography isn’t illegal, what are you talking about?”

      The point obviously went over your head. Get a grown-up to read over it with you and see if he can’t explain it in terms your simple mind can understand.

      “I have my email as “” and it works.”

      What do you take me for, the email police? Use any address you want, nigger.

  6. It’s funny how the Jew Igor Alexander posts a list of straw-man tactics by the “NWO” to reduce fertility, while omitting mention of circumcision, the one which actually is proven to reduce fertility (and which carries obvious evidence of Jewish involvement).

    1. Promote birth control.
    2. Legalize abortion.

    Very well, but just because birth control and abortion are available does not mean that they will be used every time. If people want to have kids, they will have kids. This raises the question of why people may not want kids, but mere availability of birth control and abortion do little to actually reduce fertility. These are dubious at best!

    3. “Frighten teenagers away from having children after high school through mandatory “sex education” classes.”

    This one’s just RETARDED! If I didn’t know any better, I would say that it was posted by some hasbara troll grasping at straws… oh wait… that’s exactly what happened! I mean, after high school? What’s wrong with waiting until one’s late 20s/early 30s to start having kids (as is the case in most advanced, prosperous, civilized White and Yellow countries)? Clearly, “Igor Alexander” favors the precedent set my Black and Brown 3rd world countries, where women are illiterate, miserable, and popping out kids left-and-right. Apparently, the only way to save the White race is to emulate niggers and sand-niggers… In this case, college is not an option for women (and perhaps most men).

    4. Promote feminism, so women prioritize career over kids, or develop unrealistic expectations of men…

    Okay, this is a fair point.

    5. Depict sex as recreational rather than procreational.

    And just what the FUCK (pardon the pun) is inherently wrong with recreational sex. As long as enough couples manage to have 2-3 kids, this is a non-issue.

    6. Promote homosexuality and “sexually aberrant behaviors” that won’t result in pregnancy.

    Ah, the old “Jews promote homosexuality” canard, except here the Jew Igor Alexander does not name the Jew, he simply blames some nebulous unnamed “NWO.” Never mind the fact that you’re gay because you’re gay. No amount of “promoting homosexuality” will convert straight guys into gays. (I have never heard of such a transition.) So I don’t see your point. If homosexuality were not “promoted,” gays would either hide in the closet, be celibate, or at worst repress it and perhaps help carry their propensity over to their offspring. I’m sorry that you feel tempted.

    [And since you mentioned “anal sex between heterosexuals” did you know that circumcised men are more likely to engage in anal (and oral) sex than their intact counterparts? That’s because circumcision makes ordinary coitus more painful for the woman and less pleasurable for both parties.]

    7. Degrade the institution of marriage via easy divorce and expanding the definition to include same-sex unions.

    This is a very weak rationale. The whole “fags n’ dykes are ruining mah marriage” aside, popular among kosher kwanservatives within the ZOG-friendly neocon movement aside. (How fucked would your marriage have to be for it to be threatened by a same-sex couple tying the knot elsewhere?) You mention that divorce is made “easier” and that thus leads to more divorces. (It MAY lead to more divorces, but like your first 2 points, it looks at symptoms without considering the underlying cause. Your 4th point at least attempts to find a causal factor.) Furthermore, your contention that divorce is “made easier” is contradicted (at least in the case of men) in the same point.

    8. Legalize hardcore pornography…

    This point is sheer BULLSHIT! I don’t think most men are going to prefer masturbating to porn over sexual outlets. Furthermore, I am unaware of any evidence that pornography consumption in any way influences sexual behavior. (You certainly have not provided such evidence!) At most there might be a correlation. Men of a certain bent may have a taste for porn or porn of a certain type, but the porn did not cause their sexual habits.

    [But, as I have mentioned above, circumcision has a profound influence on sexual behavior. It is a fact that circumcised men masturbate more than their intact counterparts because they do not get the same satisfaction from ordinary intercourse.]

    9. Feed male babies soy formula and other oestrogenic substances to prevent their reproductive systems from developing.

    Actually, a good point, though some would call the link dubious. I agree that an estrogenic diet cannot be good for male infants (or really, I’m not sure that extra dose of estrogen is even good for female infants), but formula feeding is a bad idea.

    [Incidentally, you seem blissfully unaware that the very same genocidal Jew medical cabal that promotes circumcision has discouraged breastfeeding and promoted formula feeding.]

    10. Reduce fertility by encouraging a nutritionally poor diet.

    While I agree that the diet of most modern Westerners is abysmally bad, You do not demonstrate a link between such staples as “white flour,” “enriched sugar,” or “processed vegetable oils” and reduced fertility. Sorry, I call bullshit.

    11. Promote a vegetarian diet.

    Again, bullshit. I for one do not advocate a vegetarian diet (meat is too delicious!), but I see no evidence that it reduces fertility. (Explain India, where much of the population is vegetarian yet they manage to have high fertility rates.) Likewise, whatever estrogenic effects soy pproducts might have, you can argue that soy-based baby formulas are deleterious for infant development, I do not think soy products have the same deleterious effects on post-pubescent men.

    12. Encourage the youth to take illicit drugs, smoke, and regularly abuse alcohol, thereby reducing fertility.

    Bullshit again! While I do not advocate drug abuse, if anything recreational drug or alcohol use have the opposite effect! If you only knew how many people got knocked up as a result of drunken trysts or being on drugs. If you’re so concerned about plummeting fertility rates, perhaps you should encourage drug and alcohol use just so people get wasted, screw, and get knocked up = more babies!

    The Hasbara Jew “Igor Alexander” posted a list of 12 tactics allegedly instigated to reduce fertility. Of the twelve, 8 of them (#’s 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12) are sheer unadulterated bullshit, 2 of them (#1 & #2) are dubious at best, but only 2 of them actually play a role in affecting fertility (#4 & #9). Yet this lying Jew did not even mention circumcision, which has a proven role in reducing fertility. (It’s not a coincidence that the baby boom was the last time Americans had high fertility, but the first time gentile babies were circumcised in America.)

    How does circumcision reduce fertility?
    1. It makes sex painful for women, so they are more likely to avoid it.
    2. It makes coitus less enjoyable for men, so they will prefer less conventional modes of sexual outlets, or even sole masturbation.
    3. MGM (especially as practiced by Jews and Judaized goyim in ZOG countries) is inherently misandric, thereby subconsciously enforcing Judeo-Feminism.
    4. Perhaps many American men (and women) fear that there is a roughly 50% chance that they will have a child taken to be sexually mutilated by a pedophile in a labcoat (who just so happens to be a Jew, Crypto, or Shabbos Goy), and that scares them out of having kids.

    But the Jew Igor Alexander does not reveal how his filthy tribe connedfoolish gentiles into accepting his tribe’s depraved rituals on bogus “medical” premises. Instead, this dirty Jew lists a 12-point agenda (8-10 of which are sheer bullshit and demonstrably false). Of course, Igor Alexander is a Crypto-Jew who believes that routine infant circumcision must continue so that Jews like him can hide amongst gentiles.

  7. You nailed it buddy. I’ve been seeing tons of anal sex how tos showing up all over the place, one being Teen Vogue – Guide to Anal Sex. They are teaching anal sex in schools and teaching kids as early as 6 to masturbate. They are teaching kids as early as 12-13 how to literally have anal sex without a condom … I mean, this sounds like it’s total BS, however. It’s actually happening.

    Like I said. You nailed it with this list.

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