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Jews don’t play dice with the Nobel Prize

Einstein sticking his tongue out

According to Time magazine, Albert Einstein was so certain he was going to win the Nobel Prize that in 1919, he had his notary create a document giving the prize money to his ex-wife, two years before he actually won it, in 1921.

Was Einstein arrogant as hell, clairvoyant, or did he have inside information that the contest was being rigged in his favor?

The Time article suggests this gift may have been a pay-off to his first wife for being the uncredited author of much of his work. If so, that wouldn’t be the first time Einstein took credit for others’ ideas.

Incidentally, it would seem that, last year, a Swiss lab observed subatomic particles called neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light, a finding which, if true, would cast Einstein’s special theory of relativity into doubt. It remains to be seen, however, whether this observation was accurate or merely a glitch resulting from a faulty fiber-optic cable.