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Women convicted of murdering homeless men

Olga Rutterschmidt

LOS ANGELES – Helen Golay, 77, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, have been convicted of befriending two homeless men, taking out life insurance policies on them, and then collecting on those policies by killing the men in hit-and-run accidents.

Olga Rutterschmidt (pictured above) was convicted of the first-degree murder of Kenneth McDavid, 50, a day after she was found guilty of conspiring to murder him for financial gain. Her 77-year-old co-defendant, Helen Golay, was convicted Wednesday of murdering McDavid and Paul Vados, 73, and counts of conspiracy in both killings.

Vados and McDavid were run over by cars in dark alleys, incidents that authorities said were staged to look like hit-and-run accidents. The women collected $2.8 million on insurance policies they bought for the men.

“These two defendants are by their acts the worst of the worst,” said Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace. “They didn’t need this money. They weren’t poor and destitute. … these men needed help and they gave them a noose.”

The verdicts so far carry life prison terms without possibility of parole for both women. Prosecutors chose not to seek the death penalty.

More Misandry in the Media

From the April 3, 2008 edition of The Gazette:

Feminism marches on: The newest role model for young teen girls is Jenny Green, who takes a knife to boys who are mean to her. She’s the heroine — I guess — of Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year, a teen novel due out this fall from Simon & Schuster. The N.Y Post found some publicity material that explains that Jenny is a ‘spoiled teen princess’ who ‘discovers just how despicable the male gender can be – with the lying, the cheating and the utter disrespect – (and) decides to make them pay… with their lives.'”

UPDATE (10-07-14): There’s now an expanded version of this post at: