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  1. Great. You took a page right out of the Nuremberg Laws!

  2. Igor Alexander | Reply

    Laura: I’m not sure why you chose to write this in my guestbook rather than under the Mark Steyn piece where it belongs, but in reply, it might interest you to know that many Jews, in particular Zionist Jews, are just as obsessed if not more so with their genes than Adolf Hitler was. It’s my understanding that the Nazi definition of a Jew was not that far off from how the state of Israel today defines a Jew. If you really want to go further with this discussion (and I doubt you do), I’d be more than happy to provide you with half a dozen recent newspaper articles written by Jews which go on to some length about the genetic superiority of Jews. It should go without saying that Judaism itself defines being Jewish in a racial manner; Judaism is not a universalist religion like Christianity or Islam, and converts to Judaism are seldom treated on par with those who are born Jewish. I guess in your mind it’s OK to point out that Jews are a genetically distinct group when one is singing their praises, but it’s verboten when one has something less flattering (yet true) to say about them.

  3. The Gemma Meyer video and accompanying text are stunning. She describes more accurately than anyone the mostpotent force in America today. Using South Africa as amodel for the world she describes how millions from Third World are learning to use the forms of Western Democracy to invade it. Millions have learned to use accusations of “racism” and “intolerance” to gain power for themselves. They have no interest in the USA or its culture (which they neither understand and often hate)what they want is the power, possesions, and status of whites. Once in powerthe mask comes off. American democracy and the courts system becomesa way to enrich themselves and bring even more aliens into the country. We have another 25 million illegals in the country in past 20 years. Calls go out for ANOTHER amnesty. Both Presidential candidates are speaking to La Raza convention this year, a organization that promotes illegal immigration, and a borderless USA.

  4. Hi, how I can send PM?

  5. ehunte:

    I wasn’t aware that there was also a video. Where do I find it?

    Yup, traitorous politicians on both the left and the right see massive Third World immigration as being advantageous to them (at least in the short-term, which is all that matters to them). The left sees these immigrants as easy votes whom they can lure with promises of welfare and similar social programs, while the so-called “right” sees them as a source of cheap labor. There are no political parties out there right now representing the interests of average working class white people, with the exception of European “far right” parties like France’s Front National or Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, against which the system is stacked anyways. It’s a depressing situation, one that doesn’t bode well for our future.

  6. proslaviy:

    I’ve just answered this in the FAQ.

  7. I will agree that immigration threatens the demographic character of America and Canada. Denmark and Israel are examples of countries that understand the importance of maintaining their national character. However the rapid change occuring in North America from immigration can be a cause for concern in the future especially given that at current trends whites will cease being a majority and there maybe a balkanization. I think the way to prevent this maybe to slow the immigration and allow time for greater integration of immigrants. I don’t think the national character of America and Canada are defined by race but rather by the culture so if immigrants integrate and assimilate than the character of these countries can be preserved.

  8. Anonymous,

    This is the same sort of argument that phoney conservative Mark Steyn and ex-AJC bigwig Stephen Steinlight make (see the comments section to my Mark Steyn post for a discussion). While this sort of argument may superficially appear to be pro-Western and may even strike some people as “racist,” what you’re advocating is really no different from what the multicultists advocate. You’re simply advocating a sneakier, “if you turn the heat up slowly the frog won’t notice it’s being boiled” approach to eliminating the white majority and achieving the multicultural/multiracial utopian state.

    Race is far more important than you give it credit for. You cannot neatly seperate “Western culture” (or “American culture” or “Canadian culture”) from the race that created it, any more than you can seperate Mexico from Mexicans or China from the Chinese. That newer countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia were intended by their Western European founders to be cosmopolitan “lands of opportunity” for people of all colors, cultures, and creeds is a modern propaganda myth that has no basis in historical reality.

    The difference between you and someone like Stephen Steinlight is that you may be genuinely ignorant of the importance of race, whereas Steinlight is fully aware of how important it is. And the reason guys like you are ignorant of the importance of race is because guys like Steinlight have done everything in their power to keep you in the dark.


    If you are in the Jew Ess Oy Vey, visit Junker & his unique memorial to those who fought Talmudist Bolshevism.

    Waste no time. Ted Junker is eighty-nine years old.

  10. Great blog you have here…thanks for the comments on my blog! Keep fighting for the TRUTH.

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  12. I love your blog! Thank you for being in cyberspace!

  13. Thanks for reading, Bianca.

  14. 14!

    NICE BLOG! Send me emails for your updates!


    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      You bet, Mark. There’s also a way to subscribe to this blog using an RSS feed, though I’m not sure how that works, having never done it before.

  15. Hey

    I like Your site. It is interesting. Do You have RSS I want to add to my favorites.
    Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.

  16. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  17. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

  18. Neat blog

  19. Keep posting. You have writing ability and razor-sharp wit. Don’t leave us hanging…

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      Thanks Alaric.

  20. The response level to national disaster is awesome but it’s a real shame that so many citizens take advantage of the negative situations.

    I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there’s always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

    This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys “angels” got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      Let’s not beat around the bush — these “heartless people” are invariably blacks and other non-whites ripping off and taking advantage of the generosity and goodwill of primarily white taxpayers.

  21. I have responded to your recent comments on the Edgar Steele legal battle.

    1. Every time I’ve asked about your identity, your buddies have responded by telling me that all your personal information is available in a thread on VNN Forum. On your blog you link to the Stormfront Edgar Steele thread but not to the aforementioned VNNF one. Why? Is VNNF the ugly chick who’s good enough to screw but not good enough to call your girlfriend? You’re OK with appealing to VNN members for donations but you wouldn’t want to sully your reputation by linking to their forum?

      It’s not that I personally care since I don’t post there anymore, but if I still were, that would offend me. I’ve seen you whine in public about the indifference shown by many of the “movement” sites in regards to this case, but yet look at how you treat one of the few that started giving it almost immediate coverage.

  22. The real horror of the Holocaust is that it was a deliberate policy of a government to kill all members of an particular ethnic group.Stalin didn’t care if the people of the Ukraine were Jewish,ethnic Russian or some other ethnicity-if they went along with his policies he had no problem with them.The Nazis started a deliberate program to kill all Jews in Germany and occupied Europe,no matter if these Jews might have actually contributed to the Nazi war machine’s victories.
    Also on page showing racist cartoons from WWII by Dr.Seuss you defended the interment of Japanese-Americans in WWII.Perhaps you can tell me if the government interned all Americans of German or Italian descent during WWII?The real motive behind the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII was racism,even a Supreme Court stacked with right wing ideologues has acknowledged there was no compelling governmental interest in the internment and forced relocation of Japanese-Americans during WWII.
    Excuse me,but your white sheet is showing.

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply


      I had posted some responses here beneath your comment, but decided to move them here, since the guestbook is not the place to be holding such a debate.

  23. A Jewish person proud to be one | Reply

    Dear moderator, you sound as obsessed as Hitler too! Why to create such creepy blog, if you were not? I will not be surprised, if you are found to have some Jewish genes as well. So that is probably why you keep dwelling about the Jewish theme. I just came across your post about Stallone, where you say he is probably a “full blown kike”. The latter word you used can be considered as a hate crime besides all the bullshit you express on your website, so I am very surprised that no one started the case yet. If so, I may be the first one. I will make my best to promote your blog in circles where it will be considered as a crime. Best wishes to you or all who agree with you. The Facebook communication laws considering minors also did not come from out of nowhere. So it is your turn guys – promoting the hate crime via personal blogs will soon will be a valid reason for you to go to jail. Get ready and get your tooth brush packed, so you do not rotten your teeth in your many year sentence.

    1. “I will not be surprised, if you are found to have some Jewish genes as well.”

      Why are jews so fond of claiming that anyone who criticizes them must have jewish genes? It’s rather an odd put-down. A bit like how the worst insult fags can apparently come up with against someone who opposes their agenda is to call him a faggot. If being a jew/faggot is so grand, then why would calling someone a jew/faggot be an insult? The answer can only be that these are insults because the jews/faggots employing them acknowledge that being a jew or a faggot is nothing to be proud of.

  24. A Jewish person proud to be one | Reply

    This is what came off one of your forum discussions in regards to Stallone’s Jewish roots and his mother

    “she’s tribe, that would make Sly a full-blown kike.
    The jewish tribe is the cancer of human history.

    Be careful in how you judge people. I am aware that there is too much bull crap on the Internet, but I “love” your site, and I will do my best effort to make it negatively famous to the extent of this site being available to many law officials who specialize in the hate crime despite of their ethnic origins.

    1. “I will do my best effort to make it negatively famous to the extent of this site being available to many law officials who specialize in the hate crime despite of their ethnic origins.”

      Publicity is always welcome. Thanks for spreading the word!

  25. A Jewish person proud to be one | Reply

    “Jews were, are, and will remain ideological dope dealers smart enough not to smoke their own stash. They sell equality heroin to you, but they never inject it themselves.” –Alex Linder, L’Affair Limbaugh –

    it came from your collection of quotes. I will stop posting now because I am not interested in your replies (I cannot stop you from replying though). Just be aware of what I said earlier. What about millions of idiots who buy heroin and injects it? (Just using the creepy quote expression style). Be strong and do not blame sellers for your own weaknesses. It is an amazing thin, how weak ones become an evil “cancer” tumor (using your expression). Weak ones know nothing better than complaining and finding who to blame. This is my last post, the third one…You probably like trinity better than unity:) no offense, just being sarcastic. I love all cultures – it is beautiful to be able to have different cultures around you. I came from a very solid culture – a Russian one, where is still too much room for those “white heteroes” who propose all types of hate crime..shame on you… too bad….good buy and do svidaniya in court

    1. “What about millions of idiots who buy heroin and injects it? Be strong and do not blame sellers for your own weaknesses.”

      Interesting that you don’t deny that jews are ideological dope peddlers. Instead, you blame the victim and refuse to admit to any wrongdoing on your part. Your position is identical to that of the drug dealer who sells crack to schoolchildren, arguing that if he weren’t doing it, someone else would step in and take his place.

      Given such an attitude, is it any wonder your tribe has earned a reputation as being predatory and parasitical?

      “Weak ones know nothing better than complaining and finding who to blame.”

      Funny you should say that, since jews are eternally whining about “persecution,” despite being one of the most affluent, powerful minorities on the planet, and blaming their misdeeds on “anti-Semitism,” i.e., on gentiles. That would make your tribe the weakest of all.

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  27. Wow, it must be exhausting hating everyone. And working SO hard to expose the “lies” of the mainstream media! You poor man. You poor, sad, hateful little man. Fighting an uphill battle against facts, history, common sense, and human decency. It must be so tiring! But don’t worry; I’m sure the support of your small-minded community of followers inflates your ego and makes you feel as though your opinions actually matter.

    The fact of the matter is, no matter how much you scream and shout, your time has passed. You are pissing into the wind. The world has moved on, and people like you only delay the inevitable. I stumbled on your site by accident, and decided to leave a comment. I don’t know why, as I’m sure you’ll remove it. For the record, I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. I’m just like you! Well, except for the fact that I don’t hate everybody who is different from me because they’re different. Seriously though, don’t you think you could do more productive things with your time than write a blog that spouts archaic racial nonsense. I mean, seriously, this is the internet age. Nobody cares what you think, and in the grand scheme of things, your opinions mean absolutely nothing. You may turn this around on me, and say I’m wasting my time in exactly the same way, posting a comment I know you’ll delete. And you’d be right about that, which would actually be a first for you, wouldn’t it? I am amazed Jewish people actually post replies on this website, trying to argue your revisionist points. Your arguments are unworthy of criticism, since criticism implies validity. I have no time to waste to point out the numerous flaws in your arguments, since nothing anyone says will change your mind. You are the embodiment of the dark side of free speech, but thankfully, no one is listening. Do you honestly believe your archaic opinions matter? My opinion doesn’t matter, but at least I know that. So, by all means, continue howling your hatred into the void of cyberspace. It will not change one. damn. thing.

    P.S. The only reason I will ever return to this website is to see if you have deleted this comment. I know you will, because you are a small-minded, hateful man who cannot bear disagreement. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

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  30. Christopher Thorpe | Reply

    Igor Alexander, I was told by Karl Radl at some time that you knew French and could translate essays from French into English. I was wondering if you would be willing to translate certain essays by Alain de Benoist into English (and having them published on online journals such as Alternative Right or Radix). If you are interested, please contact me by email and I will send you copies of the essays I want translated.

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  33. hey igor,
    are you the hypnotist igor ledochowski?

    1. Made a mistake and asked a similar question on your blog-
      Would really like to know? Are you the Igor that teaches the popular courses /Money in Your Mind/ and /Power of conversational hypnosis/?

  34. Hello Igor;

    I posted a comment on your blog on the article about why you no longer support White Nationalism. I am in agreement with your views in that article, and did not notice that that article was 5 years old. I also did not initially notice that you no longer seem to post articles to the blog, or haven’t done so in the past 3 years. I stumbled onto the blog accidentally, but it is a shame to see so many blogs simply become neglected after a few years. Ah well, good luck to you in whatever you do, and thank you for your website articles- they were interesting.

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  44. Реальная действительность свидетельствует переход на OS Виндовс “десятку” на домашнем компьютере или нетбуке/ноутбуке может быть вызван разными обстоятельствами. А этокак установить футурон дом ру видал?
    так, например, заявленный переход на Windows 10-ть бывает в ситуации, если был куплен новый домашний компьютер или ноутбук (нетбук).

  45. Yes, lesbianism is anti male yet so many men promote lesbianism due to pro lesbian propaganda and male stupity.

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