I have a theory…

…about Alex Linder.

I think Alex realized a long time ago that this is a lost cause, but instead of shrugging his shoulders and moving on to something else like a grown-up would, he decided to keep that forum of his open as his own little playground, a place where he can troll and blow off steam and shout from the highest soap box.

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  1. Igor Alexander | Reply

    I read a rumor that Linder has some Italian in him from his Swiss side. Can anyone confirm this?

  2. Igor Alexander | Reply

    Gee, that there’s some kind of a JOG-Mafia connection must just be a figment of my imagination, uh Linder? (Or should I call you Linderino?)

    Just happened across this article by accident. Imagine what I’d find if I started digging.


    FBI ‘used Mafia enforcer’ to find bodies in Mississippi Burning case

    A former Ku Klux Klan member convicted in the killings of three Mississippi civil rights workers in the 1960s must be freed because the FBI used a Mafia enforcer to torture a key witness for information, his lawyers say.

    … “Edgar Ray Killen, 84, was convicted in 2005 of ordering the Klan killings of the trio 41 years earlier, a crime that was dramatised in the film Mississippi Burning.

    His lawyers have appealed against his life sentence for triple manslaughter, citing new evidence that the FBI used Gregory Scarpa – known as The Grim Reaper – to put pressure on Klan members to reveal where the bodies had been hidden.” …

    … “It was now clear that the informant had been kidnapped by Scarpa and an FBI helper, and subjected to ‘typical Mafia-type behaviour’, he said.

    The ‘behaviour’ may have included a severe beating but certainly included death threats to his family and having a gun barrel inserted into his mouth, he added.” …

    … “The FBI has always declined to comment on whether Scarpa was involved in the case. Scarpa was a senior member of the Colombo crime family and an FBI informant for three decades.” …

    … “The judge said: ‘That a thug like Scarpa would be employed by the federal government to beat witnesses and threaten them at gunpoint to obtain information regarding the deaths of civil rights workers in the south in the early 1960s is a shocking demonstration of the government’s unacceptable willingness to employ criminality to fight crime.'”

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      More JOG-Mafia connections:

      “Kahane’s life changed dramatically in 1968, when he and several colleagues founded the Jewish Defense League. Brandishing guns and provocative slogans (“Every Jew a .22,” “Never Again”), Kahane’s JDL quickly attracted considerable media attention. Kahane pointedly exploited rising anti-black sentiment among Jews in the New York area.”

      “Kahane and his new organization received important and probably crucial support from two powerful allies: Israel’s right-wing Herut political party and the New York Mafia.


      “On May 12, 1971, Kahane and a dozen other JDL members were arrested by federal agents for conspiracy to manufacture explosives. One day later, Kahane announced an alliance with a group founded by Mafia boss Joseph Colombo, Jr., a one-time killer who had risen to head the Colombo crime syndicate. “Kahane received substantial aid from the New York Mafia,” writes Israeli journalist Yair Kotler in his biography of the JDL founder. Until Colombo’s murder in 1971, relations between Kahane and the New York City mob boss were very close, and the two criminal chiefs worked closely together.”


  3. VNN is a false front. I am still waiting for one of my posts to go through, I guess Linder, or varg who does not believe this is part of TJB http://www.rense.com/general24/adl.htm

    Needs to see if the kikes approve of such a link as this


    JOG funds VNN-Forum, but Linder need not have a form, and even he can afford to operate that stupid blog his (likely) sock puppet Socrates maintains.

    Despite what he knows about the jews, he is a natural journalist and natural whore, as Martin Lindstedt said – who can be easily bought and paid for just to please a jewish pimp like so many “pornstars”, cops and journalists who will perform any dirty trick for them just to please their little jew master. (as opposed to a street prostitute who at least has some limits)

    But more importantly the faggot cunt, who has all the asstute judgement in men as an 18 year old in a purple passion party, and as well known SPLC correspondent Bill White said “Seems kind of funny- angry, but is really just sad. And so they (the kikes) surrond him with ZOGGERS and they pretend to be his friend.”…and tell him to let JOGS pets and pests like this post on the site, like this whacky Israeli spy ring witness discusses.


    But more importantly, the ugly faggot cunt, despite having 2 daughters of his known, and knowing all he knows about the jew, has a very vested interest in helping to see their plans carried out. Like helping to instigate a Columbine type shooting (only this time with an actual racist kid) because he is huge genetic defect, probably a part neanderthalic bastard, maybe part jewish, and has a genetically coded fear of what the white race would do to racially defective whimps such as himself if their are no more ugly jews to look at.

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      I don’t believe Socrates is Linder’s sockpuppet. I don’t have a beef with him and think he’s doing a competent job with the front page.

      If it weren’t for Socrates and the front page, I would’ve removed the link to VNN from my blogroll by now.

      The claims on John de Nugent’s blog about Neanderthals are dubious. Here’s an article from The Times discussing Pääbo’s findings: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/science/biology_evolution/article7118573.ece

      Note this paragraph in particular:

      “Human genomes from France, China and Papua New Guinea showed Neanderthal signatures, but not those from West and Southern Africa.”

      And for a completely different take on this business of Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals interbreeding, check out Stan Gooch’s books:




      “A number of long-standing beliefs and superstitions show how the ideas that dominated the lives of our ancestors still have a powerful influence on us today. The disturbing power attributed to the number thirteen, the positive influence of the number seven, and the comfort offered by the admonition ‘knock wood’ all reveal the enduring presence of our most ancient ancestors: the Neanderthals. Contrary to current theories, Stan Gooch maintains that the Neanderthals were not destroyed by the younger Cro-Magnon culture but were incorporated into that culture through interbreeding. The blending of the disparate influences of the lunar, matriarchal-based Neanderthals and the solar, patriarchal Cro-Magnons may explain the contradictory impulses and influences that have generated human conflict for millennia. In fact, the author suggests that the caste system in India may have been constructed to utilize the strengths of both lunar and solar cultures and to minimize the conflict between the two.”

  4. Read your own link, what is “dubious” about it?

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      What’s dubious is the claim that semites and only semites are descended from Neanderthals. That’s not what the study shows at all. What didn’t you understand in the part I quoted from the Times article?

      Frankly, claims like these are barely one step removed from charlatans like David Icke claiming that jews are “reptilians.”

      The problem with claims like these:

      1) The science doesn’t support them,

      2) Even if it did support them, I wouldn’t base my stance on something as ephemeral as scientific “truth.”

      Isn’t it enough to say that jews are waging ethnic/cultural warfare on whites and that whites need to fight back? Why the need to cast jews as an entirely different species when clearly they are not?

      I don’t care if people want to hypothesize that semites are descended from Neanderthals, but that’s a different matter from going around claiming it’s the truth when all it is is a bunch of half-baked conjecture.

      I’m tired of being fed politicized science, regardless of whether it’s from the commie-jewish establishment or from the nuts that currently make up too large a portion of the white nationalist movement. Propaganda of this sort will only ever appeal to the lunatic fringe and the lowest common denominator, and those are definitely not the elements WN needs more of.

  5. For the record this is what Mr Alexander was orginally commenting on


  6. Marty Lindstedt got sum Italian in him from his back side when Bryan Reo cornholed him.

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