Abolish the jewish tribe?

The jewish tribe is the cancer of human history.* The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the jewish tribe.

The goal of abolishing the jewish tribe is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed jewish supremacists.

* I apologize if this statement offends any cancer patients.

9 responses

  1. Are you a Christian?

    I don’t know about you kid, while you’re intelligent, you seem funny style.

    The problem is rich people. They are greedy cowards who will use any and all means at their disposal to prevent an even playing field for those not on their level.

    All they care about is money or money/power, they have no true interests and passions besides that, which is why they are financially wealthy in the first place: that’s all they ever fully concentrated on is obtaining financial wealth, a cowards motivation.

    Jews happen to be the most greedy people on the planet, fuck greedy jewish kikes, however they are NOT the only ones.

    Certainly, what did the “white man” (lol what is a “white man” to be that’s an insult, I have ANCESTRY, it’s RACIST to call me WHITE, I part Welsh, Part German, Part Irish, Part English(cornwall). So which part is “white” lol.

    But what have white men done when they were in control that is so admirable? The christians crusades? … Are they admirable, hahaha, FUCK CHRISTIANITY IN IT’S HYPOCRITICAL ASS. Christians by in large have never followed the very religion they claim to be part of. Christians are murderers and rapists, much more so then Atheists.

    Furthermore, the very fact that you need to fear some guy up in the sky to behave in a good manner to your fellow man, means you are a weak coward. If you need to have the “fear of god” to be a good person, you are punk bitch.

    So the real target is the people of all types, who are rich and don’t do anything to level the playing field for the less-fortunate who don’t seek out money at all costs, who don’t have as their #1 priority becoming financially wealthy.

    Good people are at a severe disadvantage simply because their number 1 goal is not to become rich and powerful. They simply want to live their lives according to their interests and passions and help people along the way while of course (human nature) looking out for number 1 at the same time.

    There’s nothing wrong with looking out for yourself as your #1 priority because nobody else will (besides your mother if you’re very lucky). But to actively seek to keep others down or even to make them suffer if they don’t contribute to your own wealth and power is the definition of evil.

    It is not a strictly jewish practice and never has been.

    But yea, jews are the biggest perpetrators of this evil mindset in this day and age, although far from alone.


    white, black, jewish, chinese, russian, korean, putin, bush, obama, kike pm, whoever.

    Get your shit straight motherfucker, for I have to kick you in ya fuckin head kid.

    and as much as I have love for intelligent folks with light skin, the majority (as with any type of human) are morons.

    -The Realness

  2. 1 fuckin dare you mothafucka, step up and challenge me.

    I bet all you’ll do is try to point out my typing errors. The last resort for someone who can’t withstand anything 1 say.

    1’m the realness, and 1’m not a nigger or a kike, 1’m not a white christian moron, definetly not a fuckin catlick.

    1’m the fuckin truth.

    Now kneel down and praise me, that is what you should do right now. Praise me in your post, for 1 am the real light-giver.

    god and satan as beings do not exist.

    But 1 will quote my Grandma, a great, kind woman who knows the deal.


    If your love is for money, that is not love at all, that is cowardice.

  3. War is being waged on creativity.

    War is being waged on those who do not put money as their #1 pursuit in life.

    The kikes in Hollywood and in government are at the top of the hiarchy right now, but haven’t always been.

    Right now, we need to kill the kikes, and everyone who is in league with them. so, i you look at things objectively: the second most cowardly people right now are what you would call “white” men, those in government and those idiots in the working class who blindly suppor government and corporations (maybe the blue-collar are more often eediats then cowards) but you get di point star.

    Muslims are the only ones putting up a fight right now, but they are a bit primitive and are being used as useful fools by the cia, mossad.

    White men are being cowards, particularly the irish, english, and actually all that I can think of.

    Although I think the welsh are pretty much just doing their own thing, not sure where they stand actually, they’re a strange lot but a good people for the most part.

  4. nuttin to say huh punk

  5. Well said mate, the kikes infesting the upper eschelons of society are the cause of many of the worlds problems. I think we should just ship them all to Israel and let the arabs take care of them.

  6. The world must rise up and smash Jews and jewish power wherever it raises its ugly head! But, let´s not forget the leaders of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, which are all controlled by illuminati Satanists for the control over humans of all types. Understand that YOU are the target of WAR by REAL evil entities called fallen angels that pretend to be our “Gods” and go by the names Jesus, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, & Yahweh! True spirituality is worship of the Creator and of truth, liberty and justice for all people. I´m a White seperatist, but I believe everyone has the right to free speech, free choices, and our own living spaces, which the jews and the illuminati are continuing to deny us through their manipulation of all power centers. Free your body, mind and spirit from the devils that rule over us!

  7. S.M. Bagelbaum | Reply

    Oy! You anti-Semite piece of crap! We Jews are your BETTERS. Worship us. Gods on earth we are. Stupid goy. It’s you whites who are doomed to genocide, not us. And that’s the way we LIKE IT.

  8. Hate and hate some more till your guts desolve

    1. Tim: Do you consider the following two statements to be hateful?

      1. “The white race is the cancer of human history.”

      2. “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

      Just curious.

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