Facebook rejects ad promoting lesbianism

“[W]hile homosexuals vehemently reject being considered mentally ill, they have no problems regarding those who dislike homosexuality as mentally ill.”homosexinfo.org

“A healthy society is life-affirming. Homosexuality is the metaphysical negation of life. Incapable of reproduction (giving life), it can replenish its numbers only by seduction.” –Don Feder*

Ad rejected by Facebook

Rejected by Facebook

Read the homosexual spin on the story here:

Now, heed well my words: until such time as they are free to push homoerotic material in every ad, every magazine, on every bus, street sign, and TV channel, queers are going to continue complaining about “homophobia.” They have only gotten started in their campaign to destroy the sexual mores of our society. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Accusations of “homophobia” are not about promoting the so-called “rights” of an “oppressed minority,” they are about depriving normal straight people of the right to raise a family in an environment in which their children aren’t being continually exposed to the homosexual death culture (as per the Don Feder quote above, the homosexual counterculture is, quite literally, a death culture, since it in essence encourages people to not have children; and that’s to say nothing of AIDS and other diseases to which homosexual men are disproportionately subject due to their unhealthy lifestyles and sexual practices).

Note the progression thus far: in only a few decades, the homosexual movement has gone from such seemingly (to some people) reasonable demands as not having queer bars shut down by police, to now insisting, at threat of boycott, to having “the right” to publicly display homoerotic material anywhere they wish (and sometimes, to even engage in homosexual intercourse in public). It’s only going to get worse, folks. Much, much worse.**

There is no way that our heterosexual culture can peaceably coexist with a militant homosexual counterculture. Make no mistake: Incidents like these are a declaration of war against the heterosexual majority.

My advice is that straight people stop allowing themselves to be bullied by accusations of “homophobia” and start standing up for themselves by telling these militant queers to f*ck off. Queers want to boycott Amazon (see story here) and Facebook? Fine. Straights should do the same. Send emails to Facebook and Amazon informing them you’ll refuse to use their sites and services if they cave in to pressure from the homosexual lobby and allow homoerotic material to be displayed. It’s time to stop pussyfooting with these deviants and start hitting back. There’s a lot more of us out there than there are queers; if only we could get more organized…

And to the Christian wimps who say things like “hate the sin, not the sinner,” you’re not going to have your cake and eat it too. The only way to defeat the homosexual lobby is through hatred and intolerance. There is no other way. When it becomes unsafe for queers to walk down the street holding hands, or to otherwise publicly announce their sexual preference, that’s when we’ll have them off our backs. Until such time, you can expect the demands of the homosexual lobby to become increasingly strident and outlandish.

Let me repeat that this is a war, not a misunderstanding of some kind that can be politely worked out over tea and crumpets. The queers know perfectly well what they are doing and the ramifications of what they’re doing. This is a war, and as such, your options are either to stand up and fight, or drop your weapons, roll over, and let the homos sodomize your corpse.

Hopefully future generations will look back on this putrid, degenerate sewer of an era of ours and fully appreciate what the consequences are of allowing queers out of the closet, and thus avoid repeating our mistake.

* Yes, I know Mr. Feder is Jewish, and that I don’t always have the kindest things to say about Jews, but truth is truth no matter who expresses it. At least Mr. Feder isn’t like the Jew Ezra Levant, who is trying to sell conservatives on the idea of homosexual marriage.

** To get an idea of what homosexuals see all of this leading to, see the 2004 movie A Dirty Shame by homosexual filmmaker John Waters.

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  1. 14_NSBM_Warrior_88 | Reply

    Heh. Facebook has acquired quite a bit of controversy as of late, including allowing Holocaust “denial” groups to stay around; quite frankly, I’m surprised and somewhat delighted, considering their founder is a Jew. As some of you are aware, it is illegal to “deny” the Holocaust in both Germany and Austria, which has led to the jailing of both Ernst Zündel and David Irving. What’s ironic is I’ve yet to see anyone legitimately try to argue that Hitler loved Jews and didn’t oversee the massacre of a whole lotta them. All the “deniers” are doing are what any inquisitive mind SHOULD be doing in the first place; QUESTION THE ESTABLISHED FUCKING “FACTS!!!”

    On topic, yes, it’s no secret that LGBT simply are jealous of not being the oppressor rather than crusaders seeking their rights. To quote Jim Goad,* “One of liberalism’s many Great Failures is the documented, verifiable, scientific fact that whenever a precious li’l “oppressed” group tastes a sip of power and acceptance, they become as violently bigoted as anyone who’s ever hurt their feelings and caused them to shed tears…Thus, the new millennium’s surfeit of black racists, sexist women, and breederphobic gays.” This NEEDS to be broadcast and placed in public forum for debate. This needs to be done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before Obama decides to shut us up through hate speech legislation.

    Should we ban their literature? Unfortunately, whenever something is banned, you lend more power to it than it would ordinarily have; there will be some megafag appealing to our heartstrings and fucking with our minds. Instead, we should BOOTLEG the literature and publicly mock it. That way, they’d lose their credibility as writers and “intellects.”

    Again, great read.

    *Yes, I’m aware of this man’s less-than-subtle Zionism and Jew breeding; however, whenever truth is announced, it truly matters not whose mouth it emitted from. As such, I’m temporarily willing to overlook his Jew worshipping…emphasis on temporarily.

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      Is Goad a Jew-worshipper? I know he was married to one (he went to prison for beating her), and he does seem to pull punches when it comes to the Jews (at least in the stuff I’ve read), and one of his publishers was the homosexual Jew and Zionist Adam Parfrey, but beyond that, I haven’t been able to figure out quite what his take is on the Jewish Question. I figured he knew the role Jews have played in creating the problems he complains about but was keeping his mouth shut to keep his writing career.

      As for Facebook banning revisionist groups, I heard they did ban two of them on the grounds of “hate speech” but are leaving the rest up. They banned them supposedly because a lawyer named Brian Cuban (who I assume is a Jew) complained about them. I came across a cached version of one of the groups they banned through a search engine and didn’t see anything on the page that could even remotely be called “hate speech.” It was mostly a bunch of posters with Middle Eastern names discussing the doctored photographs that are sometimes presented as evidence for the holocaust. The top of the page was full of disclaimers like “this is not hate,” “we do not hate Jews,” etc.

      I guess it’s good that some of the groups are staying open, since they might wake some people up, but I gotta say, I don’t trust Facebook or its parent company Google one bit. I can’t prove it, but I believe Facebook exists for no other reason than to collect data on people. The Stasi couldn’t have come up with a more effective surveillance tool.

      The Jews and their rainbow coalition pals are indeed pushing for hate speech legislation for the U.S. like never before. This is really bad. God I hope that “worse is better,” because things are about to get plenty worse if they succeed in gutting the First Amendment.

      1. 14_NSBM_Warrior_88

        Unfortunately, Goad decided to marry another hook-nosed Jew (of Irish decent) named Shannon and even bred a son with her. He’s stated that he suspects he’s Jewish, going as far as to call himself a “Jewish Supremacist,” and has a well documented Jew fetish.

  2. Igor Alexander | Reply

    I remember that (when he was asking half-rhetorically on his site “what if I were a Jew? Would you still like me?”). It seemed like he was just having some fun, but I also remember thinking to myself, “umm, are you trying to tell us something, Jim?” Somewhere I’ve seen him state that his father was an Irish-Catholic plumber, but he didn’t mention his mother’s ethnicity.

    Well, Jew or not, I still can’t bring myself to dislike the guy, though that would sure explain his frequent neo-cohn outbursts against Muslims. One that sticks out in my mind is where he talks about wanting to screw Muslim women; “take off that burka, baby.”

  3. Igor Alexander | Reply

    Would a Jew write this? From Goad’s site:

    The World’s Worst Dictators

    Can the world, for Christ’s fucking sake, just get OVER Adolf Hitler once and for all? In the first place, he was SOOO 20th Century, and the last time I checked my wristwatch, we were a good nueve años into the 21st. And if you want to gauge a dictator’s “Evil Factor” by how many corpses he left in his wake, Hitler wasn’t even the champeen of his own century.

    I’m not sure who doesn’t want you to know this (well, I have a creeping suspicion, but it’s considered dangerous to even suggest it without getting zapped by a cattle prod), but the most conservative estimates have Josef Stalin out-killing Hitler by at least five million and possibly as many as 20 million, while China’s chubby-cheeked Mao Zedong blew both peckerwoods out of the water by slaughtering an estimated 40 to 77 million of his own countrymen.

    But if we keep focusing on those scrubs from the past, we risk ignoring actual bad men doing actual bad things today. And if you BABIES keep spitting the silver spoon out of your mouths by endlessly going wah-wah-wah about America, you ignore the fact that it’s far worse almost everywhere else across the globe. So in the spirit of earnest inquiry, I present to you 20 dictators who are acting like assholes as I speak. And just so you don’t suffer too much “Hitler withdrawal,” I’ve tried to find pictures of them in some variation of the “Sieg Heil” pose. [snip]

    (Read the rest of it. It’s pretty funny.)

  4. Igor Alexander | Reply

    Here’s how Goad finishes his Fuck the Muslims piece:

    “OK, I guess Muslims aren’t all bad. They say some cool things about women and Jews, but that’s about it.”

    OTOH, here’s how it opens:

    “Get in line, ye billion-plus Muslims of the world. Open your mouths. One by one, gently yet firmly, I’m going to poop in them. Chew on my poop, swallow it, and digest it.”

    Jews, of course, are renown for their fixation with poop.

    That Jim Goad is a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma, alright.

  5. 14_NSBM_Warrior_88 | Reply

    I admittedly still am a big fan of his work. I’m convinced Answer Me! 4, along with the Redneck Manifesto, are his magnum opus. Of late, I really liked his essay “Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers” debunking the myths about the Civil War.

    One can safely say Goad is definitely an interesting character, both in writing and in personal life. I can’t say I share his taste in Jewish women; all the more for him. I’ll stick with my fair skinned, turned-up nosed girls with colored eyes.

    Beyond that, I still think he’s a great writer, and I’ll admit, even though he can both delight and annoy the everliving shit out of you, it’s hard to hate him.

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      Is Answer Me! 4 the infamous “Rape Issue”? I bought a book of Answer Me! reprints, but it was missing the rape issue (Goad left it out to avoid problems with distributors), so I haven’t had a chance to read it.

      I have to confess that I haven’t read The Redneck Manifesto, though it’s on my list.

      1. 14_NSBM_Warrior_88

        Goad posted the majority of those articles on his website. The ones I’d recommend reading are:

        – “It’s a Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape World”
        – “My Sick Mommy”
        – “The Punk Who Wouldn’t Shut Up” (interview with Donny the Punk, who was raped in prison)
        – “The Nice Stalker” (interview with serial killer / rapist / necrophiliac Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez)
        – “Policemen are Our Friends”
        – “It’s the Segregation Hit Parade” (about country singer Johnny Rebel; nothing to do with rape)

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