It’s Official: Stormfront now run by feminists

Screenshot #1:

Screenshot #1 - Stormfront

Screenshot #2:

Screenshot #2 - Stormfront

The following comment, which I attempted to post but was deleted by a moderator, is an example of what Stormfront moderators call “woman bashing”:

Originally Posted by Lady Celtic:
Some women were afraid to post in the main forum and were afraid to join because of the some of the males that bash women on here. Stormfront was created for all white people with White Nationalist ideals. But some men don’t see it that way and see it fit to bash women on here.

My Unpublished Response:
“So instead women get their own forum from which they can bash men, but the men don’t get to respond. Typical feminist hypocrisy. Always whinging about ‘equality’ when what they’re really after are special privileges.”

Is there really any difference, as far as underlying principle, between Stormfront banning people for “sexist” remarks and Human Rights Tribunals prosecuting people for “hate speech”?

UPDATE (08-04-14): I have now been permanently banned from Stormfront. I tried accessing my account and was greeted with this:

Stormfront permaban

Oh well. I didn’t enjoy posting there anyways. Stormfront has to be one of the most overmoderated message boards on the Internet, with your posts always at the mercy of the mods and their unpredictable, hormonally-induced mood swings.

34 responses

  1. B”H
    That’s funny.
    Could it be that Stormfront has been infiltrated by Jews, since as you point out elsewhere feminism is mostly promoted by Jews?

  2. Igor Alexander | Reply

    Where did I say feminism is “mostly promoted by Jews”?

    The closest thing I’ve said to Jews having a hand in promoting feminism was here, and as can be seen, what I wrote doesn’t come even remotely close to what you suggest.

    But since we’re on the subject, considering that the inventor of the birth control pill was a Jew, and that important feminist leaders like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were Jewesses, I can easily understand why some would suspect that modern feminism was a Jewish conspiracy.

  3. Stormfront is overridden with feminists. The levels of political correctness on Stormfront, on the topic of feminism, is most of the time as bad as anywhere else.

    That’s quite a lamentable state of affairs.

    There’s a particular set of moderators there who won’t accept any deviance from the party line.

    What’s to be done when a forum is compromised by the Enemy – by Marxist/Feminists?

    There’s not much that can be done, but it’s clear the forum is of much lesser utility.

  4. “Woman bashing”, “misogyny”, “chauvinist” – Marxist PC terms designed for discussion lock-down.

    They hold great weight at Stormfront.

    “So instead women get their own forum from which they can bash men, but the men don’t get to respond. Typical feminist hypocrisy. Always whinging about ‘equality’ when what they’re really after are special privileges.”

    That’s about right.

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Joe. While most people know what the word “misogynistic” means, its counterpart “misandric” (meaning “Of or characterized by a hatred of men”) doesn’t appear in any dictionary that I’ve looked at.

      We’re living in a culture in which a man will be called “sexist,” “misogynistic,” or a “woman hater” for merely expressing dissatisfaction at the way men are generally treated in this society, while the notion that some women are driven by a pathological hatred of men has gotten so little traction that there’s not even an adjective in the dictionary to describe it.

  5. What a bunch of fake WNs!! forum printthread.php?t=584979&pp=40

    “Anti-female sentiment will no longer be tolerated.

    White Nationalist Men and Misogyny forum showthread.php?t=582816”

    1. Stormfront? No — Stormcunt.

  6. Throughly Jew’d:

    “The fact is that the status and treatment of women in White racialist circles will not actually change until White racialist women themselves start putting their knees into the groins of the misogynist pigs.”

  7. Igor, you sound like a smart person. So why did you want to join Stormfront in the first place? 😉

    It has been overrun by retards of all sorts, survivalist losers, feminist women, Christian bigots and political correctness long ago. Real racialists and HBDers are not on this place and consider it to be putting shame on the movement as a whole. The French forum, which was the most brilliant of the website, finally got purged in late 2011 for various reasons. There is nothing interesting remaining on this wreck; even the News section has stopped talking about interesting subjects to become one big tabloid.

    It all comes down to bad strategic decisions from Don Black and other figures of the movement. In the eternal attempt to gain mainstream popularity, they decided to de-demonize white nationalism by becoming more liberal on certain subjects than liberals themselves.

    It was a failure for two reasons:

    (1) The masses, notably (ironically) the women, only respect force and intransigence

    (2) The movement failed and fails for reasons entirely different than the demonizing. It fails because it is a fringe movement which attempts to convince the masses without the means to do it (the medias) instead of focusing on community development (like the Mormons or the Amish, for example).

    1. Igor Alexander | Reply

      Hi Panina.

      I appreciate your comments.

      I’m sorry to hear Stormcunt has declined so precipitously, but can’t say I’m surprised. What do they expect’s going to happen when they run the place like a kennel? If Stormcunt is an example of what a WN-run society would look like, then WN is something I want no part of. The petty tyrants who banned me were unintentionally doing me a favor, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

      The impression I get from poking my head around there every once in a blue moon is that Stormcunt exists primarily to enable David Duke and his pals to milk money out of well-meaning but gullible supporters. I still can’t get over that Duke had the gall to solicit campaign contributions to run for President when his plea agreement specifically forbids him from running for office.

      Some of the reasons I think WN goes nowhere:

      1. WN is treated as a subculture by most of its adherents, rather than as something that could become a popular movement. Said another way, WN is really more of a “scene” than a movement. Most WN spend their time preaching to the choir, instead of directing their efforts at awakening the greater public. True, WN don’t control what’s shown on TV or in movie theaters, but traditional media like film and television are in decline and the Internet, for the time being, remains more-or-less uncensored, affording WN the same opportunity to be heard as anyone else. With few exceptions, WN have squandered the opportunity afforded them by the Internet to set up escapist clubhouses instead of operations that could directly compete with the jewsmedia.
      2. WN lacks a solid, coherent intellectual foundation, and it’s not going to have one as long as anti-intellectual attitudes continue to predominate within it. I can’t think of a single successful political movement that intellectuals didn’t play a significant role in, but WN seem hellbent on alienating intellectuals from their cause/scene. When I say a solid intellectual foundation, I mean something a little more rigorous and substantial than David Duke’s autobiography.
      3. WN lacks leadership. Most WN “leaders” are either crackpots, megalomaniacs, hustlers, or a combination of these things.
  8. I’m not sure how SF is run by feminists, they seem to be hostile and judgemental toward, and to the idea of, any woman or couple who don’t fit into the “traditional sphere.” That’s just been my experience so far.

    Nevertheless, I’ve not been “afraid” to post in any part of the forum, I can say what I want, anywhere. I don’t see WN women as some united sisterhood of victims of so-called WN male misogyny, when the women can be just as bad. People seem to be as quick to call someone “misogynist” as they are a “feminist.” But, I get tired of the blaming everything on men. I tend to stay out of the womens’ section, for the most part. They may have their own section, but that doesn’t mean all of us utilize it regularly. I don’t think the “How To Attract More Women To WN” applies to women like myself.

    WN attitudes toward women are confusing. It’s either womb-and-housewife-worship, or as I said above, hostility toward anyone who doesn’t fit into that. I guess the two would go together, which is a bit of a turnoff.

    Other than that, I agree with your three point, for the most part. You sound like a smart guy, I wish you luck in the future.

  9. Stormfront are democrats (i.e. believe in democracy), to begin with. Then, the level of feminism on Stormfront is as PC as in any mainstream media. Stormfront belongs to the democratic, PC-establishment, don’t welcome them among white nationalists.

    1. Their modus operandi (acceptance of everyone who self-identifies as a “white nationalist”) and their absence of stated strategies other than “Spread The Truth!111!” (a naive and childish goal which ignores crowd psychology) make them de facto a very democrat, and I dare say, egalitarian organization.

      But is Stormfront even an “organization”? That’s the big problem with the “lone wolf theory” and assimilated claptrap: it leads to simple, basic anarchy.

  10. When I occasionally come back to Stormfront and read some topics, I cannot help but ask myself a depressing question: what is the point of “white nationalism” if “white nationalists” are, on average, niggers?

    I don’t even exaggerate. Read some recent posts on this forum, and you will be flabbergasted. This is worse than the worst. It was already pretty sick in 2010 and 2011, but it entered the terminal phase in 2012. There is not even a single one >100IQ dude who posts anymore. As if they deserted, like me.

    Don Black still asks for 7500 USD a month though (for hosting costs which are estimated to be 500-600 USD a month given the number of visitors), as if nothing troubles him. Happy-go-lucky, hey? Sad.

    1. “As if they deserted, like me.”

      Or were banned, like I was.

      What many forum operators don’t seem to grasp is that it isn’t the owner or the moderators who determine the success of a forum, but its posters. If you have someone who’s making quality posts, you should be treating him with respect, since he’s giving up his time to provide content for your site. Good posters are worth their weight in gold, and should not be treated as expendable. I have seen several forums go down the tubes over the years because their owners failed to heed this. Owners become enamored of themselves and think that they are responsible for a forum becoming popular. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. A magazine may have a great title and editors, but it isn’t going to amount to squat if it can’t find interesting, talented writers to contribute to it; the same applies to websites.

      As I said previously, if Stormcunt represents the type of authoritarian, bee-hive society Black, Duke, and their ilk would like to build in the unlikely event they gain political power, I’ll have nothing to do with it. Their approach, as shown by their results, is downright dysgenic.

      Creative, productive white men the world over are tired of being pushed around by cops and bureaucrats who have half the intelligence they do. I want to live in a society which allows the best to rise to the top, not one of forced mediocrity for the benefit of self-appointed shepherds whose only moral guideline is “might makes right.” It becomes clear from their behavior that the only objection the Stormcunters have to the present system is that they aren’t the ones running it.

  11. They need to show respect to the White women who comment there. Their disrespect of women is why WN doesn’t grow. I’m not saying they should be pushovers, but they should treat White women with the respect they deserve, and a lot of them do. I do agree that Jews have infiltrated that website though.

  12. That website’s obsession with blacks is a Jew ploy.

  13. Well I certainly don’t bash men, I love men, feminists are liberals, so that doesn’t apply to the women there, feminist is just a catch word for strong willed, and of course the women there are going to be strong willed , they had to be to get through all the multi-culturalism brainwashing in the first place.

  14. [troll from Illinois posting with the IP address] | Reply

    [comment removed by administrator]

    1. Well Igor, Never looked up Don Blacks personal life, Black is not a jewish name though. But I don’t put faith in individuals they always let you down, I put faith in an ideology, that way I’m never dissapointed. As a member, and I was banned myself for an entire year, I support and love you as a white brother. There are other websites that are pro-white, just not as large.

      1. Igor Alexander


        I didn’t write that comment; you were responding to a troll who was trying to impersonate me. This loser posted a total of 16 comments of a defamatory nature on this blog under two different screen names. One of his comments was 1000 words long and must have taken him at least 20 minutes to write; how stupid do you have to be to spend that much time writing something that anyone with an ounce of common sense could have predicted would be removed? It took him 20 minutes to write a comment that took me less than 2 seconds to delete. Either this guy is a welfare bum living in his parents’ basement with too much time on his hands, or he’s a professional troll on the ADL’s payroll. No emotionally-stable person with a life would have bothered to write those lines.

        For the record, I have never claimed that Don Black is a jew, nor do I believe him to be one. I’m sure there are jews with the last name of Black, but I would never claim that having that name is evidence of being a jew.

        As stated in the rules, I won’t tolerate people spreading lies or malicious gossip on this blog. I give people more freedom to say what they want in their comments here than they get on most other blogs or forums, but nobody should mistake that for absolute freedom of speech or assume that I won’t enforce the rules when I have to.

  15. Don’t even know who the moderators are, never pay attention, one name just stands out to me, “poison” because he/she is on the ball, and even if you are on moderation he/she reads the posts right away and posts them, others take three days.

  16. I was banned too. I felt hurt and thought everyone was against me! Thanks for your input guys. I was on a thread recently about “how many children Whites should have?” And I was told to watch a “European demographic video,” and gave my response basically saying that I was aware of such things and that if enough Whites had children, and there was no big feminists or lesbian/gay problems, we could reverse the trend. I said I know that reality is not like this and quoted the Turkish president Erdogan about their possible coming down like in Europe and minorities like the Kurds having more children. Here is what he said: “”If we continue the existing trend, [the year] 2038 will mark disaster for us.” I really thought this was adding to the conversation but I am not a member and this blog has explained you can’t really speak your mind on there… on that very expensive $7500/month website…

  17. Update!

    I got my post up there now but it’s still good to talk about these issues and I read all the posts on here. Thanks so much. There’s always room for improvement.

  18. A 1000 word comment, really? How are you sure it took him 20 min. to type that one comment? He could just have been a fast typist. I suppose it took your semi-literate cracker ass 20 min. to read (before deleting it in 2 sec.). Were all his comments REALLY that abusive? I was referred to your blog by a discussion group. Anyways, I think I know why you deleted his commentary. Because he exposed you for the Jew that you are.

    Let’s see, your blog has all the hallmarks of a disinfo operation. Case in point, you often come infinitesimally close to “naming the Jew” but deflect to another issue to avoid naming the Jew. For instance, your laughable anti-evolution tirade. Aside from the general retardedness of creationism or “Intelligent Design,” you don’t even try. Why would you refer to some out-of-print book from nearly half a century ago when there’s plenty of more recent books, websites, and other material? Granted it’s all crap, but at least the newer material takes into consideration decades of criticism and contains updated info. The fact that you would go out of your way to dig up some out-of-print piece of shit when there is plenty of more recent (and readily available) material is proof that it is all a strawman. I mean you don’t even provide a coherent viewpoint/theology. Your arguments here and elsewhere are laughably stupid relying on personal incredulity (“a walking fish? How ridiculous!”) or such redneck wisdom as “if man evolved from da monkeys, why is there still monkeys ’round?” I strongly suspect that your schtick is all a ploy to get people to (subconsciously) associate Holocaust revisionism or Holocaust truth (not “Holocaust denial” a Jew buzzword) with creationism. That’s an example of your disinfo.

    And if you’re not a Jew, then why is your profile picture some swarthy hook-nosed kike? I presume that’s not you, but why pick a hideous Jew face to represent yourself? If that IS you, you have some explaining… Igor Alexander sounds like the name of an Ashkenazic Jew from Eastern Europe. Speaking of which, by google searching your “jewdonym” anyone can uncover your fork-tongued ways. You always play nice on VNN to gain support, then turn around and bash on Stormfront, VNN, and white nationalism generally on your personal blog. Or when you talk smack about Alex Linder on StumbleInn. Curiously, you don’t even denounce him as a Jew, but as an Italian (“Linderoni”). Typical Jew divide-and-conquer strategy. Work the Nordicism v. Medicism rift to fragment WN via subracial fetishism (like that Jew Arthur Kemp or the anonymous “Medish” Jew who wrote “March of the Giants). Yeah, rip on those damn Italians but not your precious tribe. Igor Alexander is nothing but a shit-stirring Jew. Don’t think you can hide.

    As for that “troll” (might he be in our discussion group? I don’t know, but you’re not welcome Jewboy), funny you call him a “loser” or a “welfare bum” but you’re just some anonymous little bitch who loves nothing more than infiltrating and stirring up trouble. It looks like you haven’t even updated your blog in about a year (since you wrote something about Brokeback Mountain), but you would just lurk and “moderate” comments. What you were doing all this time is anybody’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if you fucked more black men than Kim Kardashian over the past year.

    Anyways, some guy posted a bunch of comments to your blog. Who knows what? We’ll never know because you deleted them. Rather than refuting his statements, you censored them. (But then posted his IP address, because you won’t allow your rivals the very privacy you cower behind.) The fact is, the online WN movement has been compromised. Don Black IS a Jew mole. (And his name is irrelevant “Don Black” could be a Jewish or gentile name, but the one behind SF is a known Jew.) Any individual online could forge an identity. Everyone is suspect, even Linder is suspect! (Though personally, I don’t think Alex Linder is a Jew. For starters he definitely tells the truth, at least some of the time.) Even you, Igor Alexander. How do we know you are even a man? You can just as likely be a woman. If you are a man, you are a very effeminate one. “WAH! That mean troll hurt my feelings! WAH! I’m going to delete all traces of him from my blog! WAH! But not before posting his IP, that will show him!” You fucking pussy! Why don’t you man up and grow some balls?

    P.S. I strongly suspect that this comment will not be up for long. I suppose you might call me names or accuse ME of being a “welfare bum” or an “ADL operative,” HA! (You sure seem to know much about ADL operations Heeb boy.) Go ahead, delete my comment (and make your insinuations about my emotional maturity), I don’t care! Comments like these threaten to expose you as a Jew, but I understand that you need to keep your deep cover operation. That way your stupid kwan followers will be none the wiser. Delete this comment and you will only prove my point Rabbi Igor. Keep your kwans misdirected…

    1. don black isn’t a jew you atheistic jew rat! alex linder is though! his woodpecker logo means ‘peckerwood’ lol

    2. Hahaha..Your response is magnificent. After seeing the SF references here, and other ‘exclusive’ references, I decided that this spot isn’t the best place for me; considering I’m Hispanic and all. Just when I thought I had found a nice anti-feminist place on the net, it was immediately ruined. Serious minded people never take racist and separatist very seriously, even when he/she has relevant issues!

  19. Mr. Igor

    I was just about to register on Stormfront today. As I was searching about it on Google, I came across this blog of yours.

    I won’t be registering on Stormfront now.

    All I can say is, thank you. I cannot stand Feminism, I hate it more than anything that Stormfront could ever help me with. And seeing that it has been overrun by Feminists, suffice it to say I won’t even think about joining it now.

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. hehe! just as i planned!

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  24. Stormfront is run by Jews!

    Whenever you identify yourself as a National Socialist, your posts get deleted.
    Whenever your share views that oppose (Jewish) religion, your posts get deleted.
    Whenever you ask to identify Jews on YouTube, your posts get deleted.

    Anything you post on forum that is not favorable to Jews is automatically deleted.
    It is a puppet forum, be aware!

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